Joan Young Art
I'm Joan Young -- Welcome to my web site!

I was born and raised in Southern California where I always had a passion for creating just about anything. Some early art memories are of my grandparents taking me to the Laguna Art Festival and thinking "I can do that!" However, life intervened and I took a different path. Flash forward a "few" years and I'm back on my original pathway -- it feels great!

After exploring different mediums, I've distilled my creative vehicle to oils. I love the way the paint feels and moves with brushes and fingertips. The richness and variety of color is intoxicating.

I love the organic, sensual shapes of fruits and vegetables. There is such a diversity of forms that there is no wrong way to depict them! I like seeing the smaller view of my subject--the single garlic, the simplicity of a bowl of apples.

When working, I feel transported. The creative process becomes all encompassing. It's a magic carpet ride to a different time and place. I love the whole process--sometimes a "bad" stroke can become the genius of a piece. I feel free, joyous, confident, and in control.

I'm exploring different subjects--there's a whole world of living things out there! Please come back to see what new turns my art takes.