Joan Young Art

I'm Joan Young -- Welcome to my web site!

I was born and raised in Southern California where I always had a passion for creating just about anything. I really first became aware of art at the Laguna Art Festival as a young girl. However, life intervened and I took a different professional path.

Currently I am living in a small town north of Taos, New Mexico. The changing sky and landscape are so inspiring. Every season brings something new to paint. And it's true--there is a magic in the Northern New Mexico light!

After exploring different mediums, I've distilled my creative vehicle to oils. I love the way the paint feels and moves with brushes and fingertips. The richness and variety of color is intoxicating.

I love the organic, sensual shapes of fruits and vegetables. There is such a diversity of forms that there is no wrong way to depict them! I like seeing the smaller view of my subject--the single garlic, the simplicity of a bowl of apples or chiles.

I'm exploring different subjects--there's a whole world of living things out there! Please come back to see what new turns my art takes.